Gambling Opportunities in Uruguay

Gambling Opportunities in Uruguay

Gambling has been a popular sport for many years. The excitement of predicting the outcome of a game is something that has attracted the gambler’s eye ever since the first introduction of casino games like roulette and poker. The earlier forms of casino games differ quite from the casino games that we know today. For example, roulette has various versions of the game, the most recognizable being the European and the American version. Today, the internet offers many possibilities, and gambling enthusiasts can now enjoy a high-quality gambling experience in the comfort of their own homes.

Recently, Latin America has been of interest to the gambling industry. Many new casinos are opened and the interest in gambling is definitely on the rise. One of these countries where gambling is catching attention is Uruguay. The president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou, proposed new measures to fight the financial crisis by opening new resorts in the Rocha and Canelones region.

Gambling in Uruguay

According to Louis Gama, the head of the National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas of Uruguay, the situation with the gambling industry in Uruguay can easily escalate like the one in Brazil at the moment. The aim of the casino resorts is to attract new tourists from Uruguay and Argentina. “We must not be oblivious to the developments that are taking place in our neighboring countries, especially the gambling legalization in Brazil. We should analyze the impact that it has in Uruguay and come up with policies to retain those players,” is what Gama said about the recent gambling situation in Uruguay.

However, gambling is still an interesting sport in Uruguay, and casinos are visited by gambling enthusiasts from the country and the region, or they also enjoy gambling online on this site. Here is some recent news from the newly-opened land-based casinos in Uruguay’s capital that you should consider visiting when you live in the country or plan a trip to Uruguay.

MarxS Gaming Cabinet in Montevideo

Montevideo has got another gaming cabinet in the city’s casinos, thanks to Aristocrat and his Codere and Dirección General de Casinos. Thanks to their award-winning game cabinet, gambling enthusiasts from Montevideo and other cities in the country can now enjoy playing their favorite casino games all in one place. According to the manager of Aristocrat for Latin American countries, “We are excited to bring MarsX to our casino partners in Uruguay. The MarsX features innovation, unlike anything the gaming industry has seen before. “MarsX is an innovation that further proves  Aristocrat is a well-established supplier of premium games in Uruguay, and why, combined with our exceptional customer service and player experience, Aristocrat is the brand of choice throughout Latin America.”

MarxS Gaming Cabinet Properties

Players can now enjoy MarsX’s 27ins displays offering uninterrupted gameplay with a premium virtual button deck that incorporates wireless charging technology. The optimal audio setting of the A 4:1 system projects high-quality audio for exciting gambling experience. MarxS operators integrate easily into standard cabinet space. The new gaming cabinets in Montevideo are surely going to attract more gambling enthusiasts to play their favorite casino games.

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